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1Password Business Data Connector


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Visibility of 1Password event activity, all in one place

The 1Password data connector helps you easily ingest 1Password Business account activity, including sign-in attempts, item usage, and audit events, into CrowdStrike Falcon® Next-Gen SIEM for unified visibility across your environment. See 1Password insights within the Falcon console alongside additional threat indicators from other domains to accelerate threat detection and minimize context switching. With 1Password and CrowdStrike, you can also build intuitive dashboards on account activity, set up custom alerts, and cross-reference 1Password events with other domains to improve investigation and triage.

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    Monitor item usage

    Gain unified insights within Falcon Next-Gen SIEM surrounding user adoption and usage, and item modifications for accountability and transparency

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    Unify threat intelligence

    Proactively identify potential security threats and attacks with unified threat intelligence across multiple sources

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    Streamline reporting

    Consolidate 1Password account activity and reduce the time spent toggling different dashboards with CrowdStrike’s single threat-centric command console

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