Adaptiva OneSite Patch


About OneSite Patch for Falcon Exposure Management

With Adaptiva and CrowdStrike, you can stay ahead of cyberthreats and maximize productivity. Adaptiva OneSite Patch’s integration with CrowdStrike Falcon® Exposure Management vulnerability data  helps you safeguard your organization and streamline operations by automatically patching critical vulnerabilities and prioritizing the rest using real-time ExPRT data from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. Set custom patching settings to align with your organization's specific business and security requirements, then OneSite Patch continuously automates deployment and approval processes to rapidly remediate vulnerabilities at scale.

  1. 01

    Immediately patch critical vulnerabilities

    OneSite Patch’s integration with Falcon Exposure Management uses CrowdStrike’s rich vulnerability insights, including real-time ExPRT Rating and Exploit Status, to determine patch priorities, severity, and scheduling, ensuring all critical vulnerabilities are patched immediately to protect organizations from potential threats

  2. 02

    Eliminate manual patching processes

    Automate complex processes to align with your distinct enterprise patching strategies using deployment bots and highly adaptive workflows in OneSite Patch

  3. 03

    Gain real-time visibility and control

    Get real-time data, approval notifications, and flexible control of patching processes with specific permissions for key stakeholders to enhance accountability, risk assessment and compliance

  4. 04

    Minimize network impact

    Eliminate delays – even in low-bandwidth, off-network or VPN-connected scenarios with Adaptiva’s instant, network-agnostic patch delivery

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