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Airlock Allowlisting

Airlock Digital

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Simple – secure – effective allowlisting

Developed by cybersecurity practitioners, Airlock addresses the technical and organizational challenges typically associated with allowlisting. Airlock delivers purpose-built workflows that enable rapid and scalable deployment while significantly reducing staffing resources required for day-to-day management. Airlock also provides rich file visibility across the organization, by collecting and building a centralized database of files seen within the environment. This data can be interrogated at anytime and is further enhanced by CrowdStrike Falcon® EDR telemetry.

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    Proactive security strategy

    Airlock removes the ability for attackers to execute malicious and unknown code. This significantly increases the difficulty of attack, blocking never before seen malware and removing core tools that attackers need.

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    Purpose built endpoint security

    Every Airlock deployment results in a unique whitelist according to customer needs. Attackers are unable to test their attacks against Airlock before attacking your organization, significantly enhancing security.

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    Complete file visibility and control

    Airlock verifies, monitors and records all file executions across the organization. Customers gain invaluable operational insight combined with the ability to detect, triage and respond to malicious activity.

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    Effective attack prevention

    Unlike signature-based file blocking (blacklisting) such as antivirus, Airlock only permits the execution of files it has been instructed to trust, to run, regardless if a file is known good, bad or suspicious.

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