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Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager


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Prevent endpoints from wreaking havoc on your network

Cyber threats are evolving, and attackers are using advanced methods like zero-day exploits and credential theft to breach organizations. Traditional defenses are no longer enough. Enter CrowdStrike Falcon® and Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager: your comprehensive solution against sophisticated attacks, delivering early detection of potential compromises, quick network isolation, and Zero Trust network segmentation.

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    Agentless policy control and automated response

    Enact real-time policies for user and device connections and access with the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager

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    Enforce access privileges to reduce risk

    Get consistent protection that is dynamically enforced regardless of user role, device type, or location with the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall

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    Simplify access for authorized users

    Flexibly secure access for guests, corporate devices, and BYOD across Wi-Fi and wired networks with Aruba ClearPass

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