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AWS Systems Manager Distributor

Amazon Web Services

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Seamless integration that brings instant AWS protection and compliance

With CrowdStrike's native integration with AWS Systems Manager Distributor, you can easily deploy CrowdStrike Falcon® across EC2 instances and on-premises workloads that are managed by the Systems Manager agent. Use a policy-driven approach to ensure your workload gets protected from the moment it's created, allowing you to stay compliant and ahead of the adversary.

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    Certified distributor package

    With CrowdStrike's certified Distributor package, the Falcon agent is readily available in every AWS account, simplifying and scaling the package distribution, installation, and update process.

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    Instant protection from CrowdStrike

    Automate the deployment of the Falcon agent across your Amazon EC2 instances, Auto Scaling Groups, and even on-premise workloads for immediate protection.

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    Streamline security compliance

    Create associations in AWS Systems Manager State Manager using the official Falcon sensor deploy Automation document and define the instances you want to target to ensure they're automatically secured at launch and remain protected by the Falcon platform throughout its lifecycle.

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