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AWS Verified Access

Amazon Web Services

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Secure private applications with CrowdStrike and AWS Verified Access

AWS Verified Access (AVA) enhances security by evaluating user requests in real-time based on identity, device security, and location, without the need for a VPN. It also provides a seamless user experience and simplifies policy implementation for accessing private applications, leveraging CrowdStrike Falcon® endpoint security posture scores.

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    Improve security posture

    Evaluate user requests in real time and ensure only authorized users with approved devices access private applications.

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    Deliver a seamless user experience

    Help your workforce access private applications effortlessly with AWS Verified Access supported browsers. Eliminate the need for VPNs and reduce friction.

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    Simplify policy implementation for application access

    Streamline application access policies in one place, onboard new applications quickly, and adapt policies easily to meet your organization’s needs.

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