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Cloudflare Email Security for Falcon LogScale


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Protect your business with Cloudflare and Falcon LogScale

When used together, Cloudflare Email Security scans your emails, detects potential threats, and ships relevant logs to CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale — allowing your team to quickly identify and investigate any email-based attacks to strengthen your defense.

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    Improve threat hunting

    Get unified email security insights and improved threat hunting capabilities by seamlessly ingesting and storing Cloudflare logs in Falcon LogScale for investigations

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    Block emerging threats in real-time

    Identify and block all types of BEC with suppliers and vendors, and automatically detect user-targeted attacks using Cloudflare Email Security

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    Discover compromised accounts and domains

    View Cloudflare detections and data with Falcon LogScale dashboards including details around compromised accounts and proximity domains that attackers use to bypass controls

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