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Coalition Active Cyber Insurance


Dynamic cyber risk demands coverage that can stay ahead

Coalition’s Active Insurance combines market leading cyber coverage, innovative technology, and expert, in-house support to minimize the impact and frequency of cyber incidents that a business experiences.

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    Separate limit for breach response

    During a cyber incident, breach response expenses can add up. With cyber insurance, Coalition preserves policyholders’ limits for other important coverages.

  2. 02

    Pay-on-behalf for cyber extortion

    If a policyholder is required to pay a ransomware request, Coalition offers “pay-on-behalf” coverage that can minimize the associate out-of-pocket costs

  3. 03

    Recovery for Funds Transfer Fraud

    Coalition is often able to claw back stolen funds thanks to unique partnerships with government and financial institutions.

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    Lost income for business interruption

    When a cyber attack brings a business offline, cyber insurance may cover those losses - even if it’s unintentional.

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