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CrowdStrike for Slack


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Notification workflows with Slack and CrowdStrike

Slack is the central hub of communication for many organizations. It facilitates cross-team collaboration and enables teams to connect their various tools to avoid context-switching and save time. The CrowdStrike® for Slack integration allows security and DevSecOps teams to easily centralize alerts. It also allow teams to build and deploy customized workflows for consistent notifications, faster response times, and reduced mean time to remediate threat detections. By automating workflows based on threat detections and incidents, analysts can spend time on more important strategic tasks to help improve the security posture of the organization – without succumbing to alert fatigue.

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    Surface important alerts

    Allow customers to configure notifications based on triggering events so that they are alerted for what matters most to them and their workflows.

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    Gain context

    Receive customized alerts and notifications with additional context to enable faster investigation, triaging and remediation.

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    Boost analyst efficiency

    Achieve consistent and repeatable workflows to improve analysts efficiency by receiving alerts and policy changes in the Falcon platform in a timely manner.

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