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D3 Security Smart SOAR

D3 Security

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How Smart SOAR works with CrowdStrike Falcon

D3 Security integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to accelerate security operations and investigations using powerful enrichment, orchestration and automation. Seamlessly connect to your existing CrowdStrike instance within Smart SOAR and enable immediate Falcon response actions using automated playbooks. With unique CrowdStrike and D3 playbooks, your team gains  automated alert triage, data enrichment, incident correlation containment, recovery, reporting, and more to dramatically accelerate operations.

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    Consolidate your alert queue

    Use Smart SOAR to keep all of your network, email, SIEM, and CrowdStrike endpoint alerts in one place

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    Automate alert enrichment with CrowdStrike

    Find and stop modern threats by adding key context to any alert from CrowdStrike's database of host, process, and indicator of compromise (IOC) information

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    Contain threats and recover with speed

    Prevent damage by automatically containing threats and recovering devices using CrowdStrike response actions from within Smart SOAR

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