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Dazz Unified Remediation Platform


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Solve remediation with Dazz

Dazz ingests rich vulnerability and cloud security data from the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform and correlates it with additional data sources for enhanced prioritization, faster remediation, and strengthened DevSecOps practices. By seamlessly integrating exposure and cloud vulnerability insights from CrowdStrike within Dazz, you can quickly understand infrastructure and runtime risks, identify the root causes, and automate the remediation process to safeguard your business end-to-end.

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    Vulnerability prioritization

    Swiftly prioritize runtime and infrastructure risks by correlating rich CrowdStrike security telemetry with additional data points in Dazz, such as Application Security tests, CI/CD and code insights, and more

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    Faster Remediation

    Get complete context into your organization’s risk exposure, the root cause of incidents, owners, and the recommended fix leveraging deep exposure management and cloud security data from CrowdStrike

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    Informed DevSecOps

    Empower your security and engineering teams to understand which phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) introduce the most risk to minimize cloud risks and identify process improvements for stronger DevSecOps initiatives

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