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Grip SaaS-Identity Security

Grip Security

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Neutralize identity attacks, stop SaaS breaches

Grip’s AI-powered discovery, enables security teams to map their SaaS-Identity attack surface, quantify and prioritize risks, and automate actions for protection across the enterprise. Grip’s integration with CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Threat Protection enables security teams to uncover high-risk and potentially damaging combinations of access, authentication, permissions, and identity threats pinned to web apps and SaaS services.

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    Respond to SaaS breaches

    When a SaaS provider is breached, easily pinpoint where identities are impacted and see related user risk based on Falcon Identity Threat Protection data.

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    Intelligent access control

    Improve visibility into identity risk with SaaS-Identity risk assessments and user access reviews in the Grip platform enriched by identity detections and scoring ingested from CrowdStrike.

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    Orchestrate response

    Automate identity security workflows and actions based on CrowdStrike identity risk signals, including revoking access or decommissioning risky SaaS services, to simplify operations and accelerate response.

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