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Delivering end-to-end process threat management

IBM Security QRadar and IBM Security Resilient integrate with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to provide a comprehensive threat management process, enhancing an organization's security posture. Easily integrate CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence with QRadar to extend intelligence and orchestrate defenses, using custom indicators of compromise (IOCs) derived from threats on endpoints. Together, your team gains proactive protection, precise response, and rapid mitigation of cyber threats.

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    IBM Security QRadar and CrowdStrike

    Streamline the sharing of endpoint data and context from CrowdStrike to QRadar, enhancing analysis, tracking, and logging for quicker detection and remediation

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    IBM Security Resilient and CrowdStrike

    After a threat is detected in QRadar, it can be escalated into Resilient to create an incident, investigate further and remediate the incident. Enable faster incident enrichment by importing detections and IOCs from CrowdStrike into Resilient

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