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Lumu Defender


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Learn More about Lumu Defender

Simplify your cybersecurity operation and automate manual security tasks with Lumu and CrowdStrike. Lumu integrates with the CrowStrike Falcon® platform by sharing Lumu indicators of compromise (IOCs) surrounding network threats with Falcon to deliver enhanced real-time threat intelligence for faster response to pervasive cyber threats like ransomware precursor malware, phishing, C2C, DGA, crypto-mining, and more. With Lumu and CrowdStrike, your team can experience automated SecOps, without the need for manual tasks.

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    Accelerate incident detection and response

    Streamline incident management by feeding incident data from Lumu to CrowdStrike, which then triggers relevant powerful automated detection and response actions from the Falcon platform to stop threats in their tracks

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    Combat alert fatigue

    Lumu carefully analyzes incoming metadata to ensure that alerts are manageable and malicious activity is automatically blocked

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    Automate threat response

    Threat intelligence from Lumu is continuously fed to CrowdStrike, prompting automated actions against threats in real-time to minimize manual tasks and ensure effective, fast threat coverage

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