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Mimecast Email Security for Falcon LogScale


Gain valuable security insights from Mimecast logs

Gain valuable security insights from Mimecast email security logs using a collection of pre-built dashboards with lightning fast search capabilities from CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale. Easily search for indicators of compromise (IOCs) and other signs of potentially malicious activity to speed up threat hunting.

  1. 01

    Improve visibility

    Seamlessly ingest and store Mimecast email security logs in Falcon LogScale’s centralized log management platform to improve visibility and enhance retroactive threat hunting

  2. 02

    Accelerate detection and response

    Correlate Mimecast email data with other data sources and leverage lightning fast searches within Falcon LogScale to quickly surface IOCs and potential malicious activity to stop breaches

  3. 03

    Visualize your data

    Gain rich insights and report on your Mimecast email security data with pre-built and customizable dashboards in Falcon LogScale

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