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Okta Identity-centric Zero Trust


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Support reliable remote team productivity and keep your enterprise safe with Okta + CrowdStrike

Enhance secure remote access by integrating leading identity management and endpoint security solutions from Okta and CrowdStrike. This integration provides centralized visibility and essential user/device information, enabling reliable and automated access decisions that promote remote team productivity and enterprise security.

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    Unify insights from user and device context

    Together, these integrated solutions supply deep real time visibility into host security posture and user login context so your teams can make informed and reliable access decisions

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    Device and identity context that informs access decisions

    Okta’s and CrowdStrike’s powerful insights enable your teams to easily manage enterprise access policies that protect all corporate resources, in the cloud or on-premises

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    Confidently automate responses to access requests

    Okta and CrowdStrike help your teams deliver a great end user experience by authorizing fast, context-aware access to enterprise resources without compromising on security or compliance mandates

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