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Ordr Asset Management and Security


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See, know and secure every managed and unmanaged asset, from IT, IoT, IoMT, OT, to users, applications, SaaS and cloud, in any environment.

Ordr is a platform designed to provide complete visibility and business insights for all assets, including devices ( IT, IoT, IoMT, OT), users, installed software, SaaS applications, and cloud workloads, all enhanced by AI-driven analytics. OrdrAI Asset Intelligence platform integrates with CrowdStrike to address connected device security by providing you with visibility of devices, surfacing security gaps and coverage issues, and risk-based prioritization of vulnerabilities. Additionally, Ordr offers advanced device security features tailored for mission-critical devices, providing insights into device utilization, identifying active threats, and enabling automated actions to stop attacks.

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    Maintain up-to date view of all assets

    Combine CrowdStrike device data with OrdrAI CAASM+ automated asset discovery capabilities to automate asset inventory for all assets, including devices (IT, IoT, IoMT, OT), users, installed software, SaaS applications, and cloud workloads

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    Surface missing security controls and coverage gaps

    Automatically surface and continuously monitor for security issues like unmanaged devices without CrowdStrike agent to ensure compliance with corporate policies

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    Minimize risk with threat and anomaly detection for all devices

    Identify active threats and compliance violations with device communication insights by combining CrowdStrike device and risk context with granular insights from Ordr including network activity for each device

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    Remediate faster

    Stop active threats by quarantining devices, blocking traffic, or segmenting managed devices

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