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Revelstoke Security Automation Platform

Revelstoke Security, Inc.

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Low Code, High Speed Security Automation

Revelstoke integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale, enabling automated incident response workflows and streamlined collaboration. Revelstoke enables your team to trigger notifications, isolate systems, and execute custom playbooks – all while its Unified Data Layer (UDL) ensures seamless data exchange. Revelstoke's Case Management dashboard tracks case actions, while Falcon LogScale provides security performance metrics, helping you maximize efficiency and collaboration across the IT and security team.

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    Integrate your complete stack with the Unified Data Layer

    Revelstoke's single data model is future-proof, allowing for fast integration of all systems, including Falcon  LogScale. It enables seamless automation across your business, ensuring scalability and adaptability to evolving technologies and advancements.

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    Get to work faster with an intuitive interface

    Simplify operations with a UI based on the Kanban-style workflow. Grab, drag, and drop where you want for automation that works.

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    Improve response with security case management

    Track and monitor case actions, timeline information and workflow actions derived from Falcon LogScale— all from the Revelstoke Case Management dashboard.

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    Report on impact with security performance metrics

    Measure and report on the business impact of security automation with Falcon LogScale dashboards and packages – right out of the box.

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