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Right-Hand Cybersecurity Human Risk Management Platform

Right-Hand Cybersecurity

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About the Human Risk Management Platform

Right-Hand's Human Risk Management (HRM) Platform seamlessly integrates with CrowdStrike, providing you with actionable insights into employee breach susceptibility to effectively reduce human risk. By leveraging employee behavior-generated alerts from the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, Right-Hand can identify high-risk individuals, empowering proactive risk mitigation strategies. By continuously analyzing trends and expanding data repositories, including collecting and categorizing CrowdStrike incident data, Right-Hand provides you with predictive and preemptive measures to thwart employee-induced security threats.

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    Reduction in SOC alerts

    Right-Hand’s HRM platform automatically correlates rich security data from CrowdStrike, enabling you to measure real-time human risk and anticipate threats to relieve the SOC team from human-based alerts

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    Intelligent alert prioritization

    Gain insights into employee or user risk for each attack vector based on signals coming from the Falcon platform, empowering your security team to strategically allocate resources to high-risk individuals

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    Targeted learning delivery

    Experience targeted user training based on risk, tailored to effectively modify behavior in real-time, transcending traditional compliance checklists to deliver impactful and relevant learning experiences

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