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Safe Security SAFE One

Safe Security

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About SAFE One

Safe Security integrates with CrowdStrike to seamlessly aggregate enterprise-wide vulnerabilities and malware findings, determine the likelihood of an attack's success, and calculate its potential financial impact to safeguard your business. By ingesting rich vulnerability, asset, and malware data from the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform in SAFE, security teams are empowered with a unified view of their attack surface and related risk to improve their security posture. With the combined visibility of SAFE with CrowdStrike, your team can better evaluate cyber risk and financial impacts to safeguard the organization and improve business decision making.

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    Discover the financial impact of vulnerabilities on your business

    Leverage CrowdStrike’s proactive identification of vulnerabilities and malware across assets with SAFE’s measurement of enterprise-wide cyber risk, including financial impact, to gain contextual business reporting for informed decision making

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    Group your assets per business unit or application

    Easily group assets per business unit or application and manage a specific unit’s overall risk with CrowdStrike asset tags in SAFE, providing you with granular control to mitigate risk

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    Create cyber risk scenarios based CrowdStrike telemetry

    Get a unified view of your attack surface using telemetry signals from CrowdStrike with SAFE’s generative AI-driven interface, helping you quickly identify cyber security issues that trigger specific scenarios such as ransomware attacks, data compromise, business email compromise, and more

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