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Sekoia SOC Platform


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About Sekoia SOC platform

Designed as a security control tower, Sekoia SOC platform collects, aggregates and adds value to all your security data in real time through a unique interface, improving threat investigation, triage, and response.  Sekoia SOC platform integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, leveraging its rich endpoint and threat insights, to provide your team with full threat coverage across your cloud, on-prem, and hybrid infrastructures to detect threats and launch the appropriate response actions.

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    Access exclusive threat intelligence

    Boost your incident detection and response with advanced threat knowledge from Sekoia.io and CrowdStrike, including on-going and upcoming campaigns, malicious groups and hackers, as well as their targets and goals

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    Detect and prevent malicious activity

    Combine threat detection insights and leverage CrowdStrike endpoint telemetry to identify malicious behavior swiftly, and ensure MITRE ATT&CK coverage for holistic threat prevention

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    Scale operations and streamline processes

    Improve incident response time with automated SOAR playbooks directly within Sekoia, including automated response and indicator of compromise (IOC( dissemination within the Falcon platform

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