Talon Enterprise Browser for Falcon Identity

Built by Talon Cyber Security

Comprehensive visibility into authentication activity

With the integration of Talon’s Enterprise Browser and CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection, administrators can unlock unparalleled, layered visibility into authentication activity within your organization, especially from unmanaged devices where Active Directory logs are not generated. Unify all your identity data, including holistic web and authentication data across managed and unmanaged devices from Talon in the CrowdStrike Falcon console to eliminate blind spots and improve the understanding of user behavior, enabling quick response of elusive identity-based threats. Take charge of your organization's identity management to proactively detect and monitor adversarial movement within your environment.

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    Unify identity data for comprehensive visibility

    Benefit from unmatched visibility into authentication activity occurring in the organization within the Falcon console, and fill potential visibility gaps as Talon captures user activities from unmanaged devices where Active Directory logs are not generated.

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    Detect identity threats automatically

    Quickly respond to identity threats with continuous, automated monitoring of all authentication traffic, including data collected from Talon surrounding unmanaged devices.

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