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Stop breaches and gain threat knowledge

The threat landscape evolves constantly. Identify and understand adversaries and indicators with an advanced, scalable joint solution that enables customers to increase protection of their networks and endpoints. Integrate CrowdStrike Falcon® Threat Intelligence into ThreatQ to provide security teams with a single threat library for all intelligence, both external and internal.

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    Data management and prioritization

    ThreatQ equips you with a threat library that automatically scores and prioritizes threat intelligence based on parameters you set. Prioritization is calculated across many separate sources, both external and internal, to deliver a single source of truth using the aggregated context provided. This removes noise, reduces risk of false positives and enables users to focus on the data that really matters.

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    Investigations and collaboration

    ThreatQ solves the collaboration and coordination inefficiencies that exist across security operations to accelerate detection and response. As the first cybersecurity situation room, it streamlines investigations and improves active collaboration among and across teams. Team leaders can direct actions, assign tasks and see the results unfold in near real time.

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    Integrated defense

    Import and aggregate external and internal data sources, integrate with existing enrichment and analysis tools, and export the right intelligence to the right tools at the right time to accelerate detection and response. Get more from your existing security investments by integrating your tools, teams and workflows through standard interfaces and an SDK/API for customization.

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