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Red Hat Falcon Ansible Collection

Red Hat

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Automated installation and management of Falcon

The CrowdStrike Falcon Ansible Collection automates the installation and configuration of the Falcon sensor on Windows, Linux, and Mac; manages Falcon platform settings; and provides an interface for Falcon event streams to streamline your operations. The Falcon Ansible Collection is built by CrowdStrike and certified by Red Hat for best practices and joint supportability, helping you secure your environment with ease.

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    Consolidate security management

    Install and configure the Falcon sensor on Linux, Windows, and Mac—and any cloud or platform—through prebuilt roles for seamless deployment and management

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    Automate incident response

    Stream events from the Falcon platform and automatically trigger job templates with Event-Driven Ansible to minimize manual effort and speed up response

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    Standardize platform configuration

    Simplify operations by interacting with the CrowdStrike API through modules; no need for Python scripting or HTTP calls

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