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Red Hat Falcon OpenShift Operator

Red Hat

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OpenShift-native deployment of Falcon Kubernetes protection

The CrowdStrike Falcon Operator automates the deployment and maintenance of the Falcon Linux sensor and Falcon Kubernetes admission controller to Red Hat OpenShift clusters, helping you to stay ahead of these evolving adversaries. The Falcon Operator is built by CrowdStrike and certified by Red Hat for best practices and joint supportability, making deployment and management easy.

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    Fast, flexible installation

    Deploy the operator via OpenShift’s integrated web console and graphical forms, or through configuration-as-code (GitOps)

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    Total platform protection

    Stop breaches inside user workloads, control plane services, and the CoreOS operating system—with a single, lightweight agent

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    Easy management

    Rely on the operator’s built-in knowledge to interact with the CrowdStrike API, pull container images, upgrade sensors, and more.

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