ServiceNow Records for Falcon LogScale


Ingest and parse ServiceNow records in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale

Simplify your data handling by integrating ServiceNow GlideRecord logs into Falcon LogScale through a convenient pre-built package, enhancing insights and visibility. This ServiceNow package facilitates easy extraction of pertinent information by parsing incoming records, and it comes with a dedicated application available on the ServiceNow Store for efficient data ingestion and table selection. 

  1. 01

    Improve outcomes with valuable insights

    Easily extract relevant insights for your unique needs by parsing ServiceNow records in JSON format, and easily adapt to a custom format if desired

  2. 02

    Select the right data for your needs

    ITSM incident overview users can select tables from which to ingest data from and provide queries to filter records, optimizing data ingestion to meet your needs

  3. 03

    Find answers fast

    Leverage Falcon LogScale’s Saved Search for ITSM Incidents to help you hunt with speed and get answers to your IT and security questions quickly

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