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Technopath PowerApp: Web Blocking for CrowdStrike

Technopath Solutions Inc.

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Empower Web Blocking with CrowdStrike

Elevate your CrowdStrike experience to new heights with this cutting-edge integration built by Technopath Solutions and sister company, Technoforge Development. By integrating with CrowdStrike Falcon® Firewall Management, you can extend CrowdStrike capabilities with effective URL blocking delivered by Technopath, further fortifying your cybersecurity posture.

  1. 01

    Effective and simple URL blocking

    Effortlessly enforce web filtering by restricting domains, ensuring complete web access control

  2. 02

    Website categorization

    Gain detailed URL categorization through an inclusive system across various sites for efficient site blocking and comprehensive content management

  3. 03

    Simple integration

    Seamlessly leverage an API integration to ensure easy policy interaction and host group assignment, enhancing your firewall policies within the CrowdStrike Falcon console – all within minutes

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    Managed URL database

    Never worry about maintaining databases with Technopath’s constantly updated platform for IP’s of targeted websites

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