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Conceal, Inc.

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Detect phishing attacks and prevent lateral movement

To help you combat difficult-to-detect phishing attacks and evolving adversaries, ConcealBrowse provides you with enhanced detection and mitigation of web-based threats using its AI-powered secure browser extension. By sharing Conceal’s browser telemetry with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, you get deep contextual insights to speed up investigation, dissemination, and identification of web-based campaigns and threat actors. Easily send suspicious or malicious domains to Falcon as a custom indicator of compromise (IOC) and create custom workflows to generate a detection if required for swift, surgical response to fast-moving threats.

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    Gain visibility into web-based threats, unfettered by encryption or complex networking

    Get complete threat visibility to respond with speed by enriching the Falcon platform’s robust security telemetry with custom web-based IOCs from ConcealBrowse, triggering automatically when an intervention event occurs like isolating or blocking a site

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    Prevent initial access and lateral movement from phishing attacks

    Easily create detection events and enhance threat hunting with high confidence phishing IOCs from ConcealBrowse in Falcon, empowering your team to intervene in the kill chain before damage is done

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