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Egress Intelligent Email Security


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Dynamically protect against advanced email threats

Egress’ Intelligent Cloud Email Security integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection to help identify human risk and prepare organizations for threats before they materialize. By enriching           email threat intelligence with CrowdStrike’s behavioral identity and endpoint data, cyber teams have clear risk visibility for dynamic detection and response within an adaptive security architecture. Enabled in just a few clicks, analysts immediately gain access to real-time, holistic human risk scores, shining a spotlight on potentially unknown compromises.

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    Advanced cloud email security

    Enables enhanced threat detection and automated response against advanced inbound and outbound email threats

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    Human risk visibility

    Provides a holistic view of human risk resulting from CrowdStrike’s identity risk scores and endpoint telemetry, combined with Egress’ email threat intelligence

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    Adaptive security architecture

    Delivers dynamic real-time policy management tailored to each individual’s level of risk score using an adaptive security architecture

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