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Google Cloud Audit Logs for Falcon LogScale

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Audit Logs package

Easily ingest, store, and visualize Google Cloud audit logs in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale leveraging a pre-built package to gain valuable cloud audit insights and improved visibility. The Google Cloud audit log package for Falcon LogScale allows you to easily ingest, parse and visualize Google Cloud Audit Log JSON events to simplify reporting and enable you to extract relevant information required to meet your unique needs.

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    Ingest and store data with ease

    Enable the pre-built Google Cloud Audit Log package for Falcon LogScale to seamlessly ingest, store, and visualize cloud audit logs for enhanced visibility and threat hunting.

  2. 02

    Get valuable insights

    Extract relevant information by seamlessly parsing Audit Log JSON events.

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    Visualize your data

    Unify visibility and easily monitor audit log activity with the Google Cloud Audit Log dashboard.

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