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Tailscale Secure Remote Access VPN


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Enable a Zero Trust network for your enterprise

Tailscale is a Zero Trust network overlay built on WireGuard® that delivers seamless connectivity, control, and end-to-end security between any resource on any infrastructure. Tailscale’s device posture management (DPM) integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to allow organizations to set up adaptive and granular access policies based on user and device hygiene to secure sensitive systems and data. By leveraging CrowdStrike Falcon® Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) risk scores as an attribute for Tailscale access policies, you can prevent access misuse, facilitating Zero Trust microsegmentation.

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    Dynamic access management based on device health

    Automatically correlate Tailscale device posture attributes with Falcon ZTA scores for dynamic and secure access management to resources on your network based on a device’s hygiene

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    Create granular access

    Configure a minimally acceptable Falcon ZTA score for all devices, or manage access in a more granular way using Falcon ZTA scores alongside other device posture attributes within Tailscale

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    Coverage across managed devices vs BYOD

    Use the Falcon ZTA score attributes to configure different level of access for company-issued endpoints and BYOD for coverage no matter the device

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