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Tausight for Falcon LogScale


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About Tausight for Falcon LogScale

Tausight integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale to empower security and compliance teams in healthcare organizations to discover and identify potential risks or non-compliance. Tausight's unique healthcare data insights are unified in Falcon LogScale to improve visibility of potential risks leveraging lightning fast queries and custom dashboards. In addition, by classifying and mapping your data with Tausight to HIPAA security rules for unstructured electronic protected health information (ePHI) and personal identifiable information (PII) data storage and usage, you can mitigate unsafe use of data to protect critical organizational and patient data.

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    Safeguard healthcare data

    Unify visibility of rich Tausight data in Falcon LogScale to quickly identify sensitive healthcare data across your environment and associated risk

  2. 02

    Mitigate risk and exposure

    Identify and prioritize risks associated with HIPAA non-compliance related to storage and security of sensitive data to effectively protect sensitive data from breaches

  3. 03

    Prevent ransomware and extortion

    Rapidly shutdown threats and reduce exposure to ransomware and data extortion with Falcon LogScale’s real-time detections, blazing-fast search, and cost-effective data retention

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    Reduce 3rd party risk

    Manage and mitigate third-party risk with Tausight’s supply chain insights centralized and stored in Falcon LogScale, helping you better understand how sensitive data moves within and outside your organization

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