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Abnormal Security Data Connector

Abnormal Security

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Prevent costly Business Email Compromise with extended detection and response

Email is a primary entry point for modern threats. Seamlessly ingest Abnormal’s advanced email attack detections into the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to improve cross-domain visibility of email-based attacks. This integration ingests key indicators about Abnormal’s attack detections from Threat Log, alerts of new, potentially compromised vendors (Vendor Cases), and user-reported phishing emails (Abuse Mailbox Automation).

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    Detect costly and sophisticated threats with email insights

    Easily ingest Abnormal Security Email Security detections into Falcon Insight XDR to unify threat visibility across multiple domains, improving detection of the full spectrum of email attacks

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    Accelerate investigations with Falcon Insight XDR

    Cut investigation and triage time down through CrowdStrike’s unified, threat-centric command console

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