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ApexaiQ Asset Intelligence and Security Assurance


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Get to know ApexaiQ

The ApexaiQ integration with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform provides you with context-rich breach prevention with asset integrity to prevent coverage gaps and improve security posture. By ingesting security and vulnerability data from CrowdStrike and correlating it across additional security tools within ApexaiQ, you gain enhanced visibility into the coverage of your existing security tools across assets to optimize deployment and performance. With this holistic view, you can ensure CrowdStrike is deployed without any misconfiguration or gaps across your environment for effective end-to-end protection. In addition, ApexaiQ’s comprehensive view of security tool deployment and utilization helps you to optimize existing security investments and provide accurate reporting for security spend justification. Together, they enable data-driven decisions and automated risk reduction, ensuring compliance and managing asset lifecycles. 

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    Unified threat prevention and risk management

    Stop malware and sophisticated attacks in their tracks while continuously monitoring and assessing your asset vulnerabilities

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    Comprehensive tool coverage visibility

    See where the Falcon sensor is not deployed and any misconfigurations to ensure complete, effective coverage across your environment

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    Cost optimization and justification

    Gain access to a unified view of your security posture and the usage of your existing security tools across your business to close security coverage gaps, optimize existing investments, and justify spending on given security tools

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    Data-driven decision making

    Unlock a robust, comprehensive data set that is the cornerstone for making precise, informed decisions to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity threats

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