A complete industrial cybersecurity solution

By combining the endpoint you rely on from CrowdStrike Falcon® with Claroty’s OT visibility and monitoring, you can efficiently detect and address threats, while overseeing all IT and OT assets in one place.

  1. 01

    Improved detection of threats crossing the IT/OT boundary

    Claroty integrates CrowdStrike’s endpoint monitoring with OT visibility within Claroty’s platform to deliver the industry’s largest IT/OT threat signature database, combining YARA and Snort rules from both companies for industrial network security

  2. 02

    Unified visibility of IT/OT assets across connected sites

    By merging CrowdStrike’s endpoint data with Claroty’s network visibility, you can automatically identify and enrich IT-oriented industrial assets where a CrowdStrike agent is installed, including those in an OT environment

  3. 03

    CrowdStrike + Claroty = Increased ROI

    The joint solution enhances both platforms, making their insights readily usable. This expanded visibility across IT and OT environments improves resource use and streamlines investigation and remediation

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