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Claroty for Falcon LogScale


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Heightened industrial cybersecurity

Unify threat visibility and secure your XIoT assets by easily ingesting and analyzing Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) data in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale, alongside your other data sources. The pre-built package allows you to simply send Claroty CTD events in JSON format, enabling you to improve threat hunting and continuously monitor your IoT systems to prevent elusive threats and malicious activity.

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    Unify visibility of your xIoT assets

    Effortlessly ingest and store all of your Claroty xIoT data from syslog servers in Falcon LogScale to unify disparate data sources and get full visibility of your environment, improving situational awareness and allowing for more effective risk assessment and reduction

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    Continuously monitor and gain actionable insights

    Improve your security posture with a pre-built parser for Claroty CTD events in JSON format, providing immediate and actionable insights with highly contextualized timelines surrounding alerts, system health, events and suspicious activities

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    Prioritize data visualization with dashboards

    Improve comprehensive threat hunting and speed up threat investigations in industrial networks with lightning fast search and customizable dashboards available in Falcon LogScale

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