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Corelight Open NDR


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Accelerate threat detection and response

Corelight Open Network Detection and Response combines rich network telemetry with world-class endpoint and threat intelligence from CrowdStrike to detect breaches across environments. Leveraging CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence, Corelight correlates detection rules and indicators of compromise (IOCs) with observed network behavior, resulting in Zeek evidence, Suricata alerts, selective packet captures, and extracted files which can then be pushed to SIEMs, log management systems, and analysis tools.

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    Security for every device

    Radically improve network detection coverage, especially for high-value assets, unmanaged devices, cloud and IoT

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    Accelerate response and enable hunting

    Correlate alerts with comprehensive evidence and endpoint insights for breadth and context

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    Unified threat intelligence

    Leverage Falcon Intelligence Premium detections and IOCs across endpoints and networks to simplify and amplify threat detection

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