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Cyware Intel Exchange


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Learn more about Cyware Intel Exchange

Cyware Intel Exchange is a threat intelligence management platform with collaborative threat intelligence capabilities and seamless integrations with internal technologies to empower your team with comprehensive threat visibility. By integrating with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, Cyware easily ingests indicators of compromise (IOCs), threat actors, and reports from CrowdStrike into Intel Exchange, helping you prioritize the most relevant threats, drive investigations, and enrich existing threat data. In addition, analysts can create custom rules based on rich Falcon threat data to automate proactive mitigation of threats, speeding up detection and response.

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    Unify threat intelligence automatically

    Automatically ingest IOCs, threat actors, and reports from CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence into Intel Exchange to reduce overhead and streamline operations

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    Consolidate data

    Consolidate and normalize threat intelligence across all sources within your environment to increase analyst efficacy and reduce mean-time-to-respond

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