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Dragos ICS/OT Threat Detection


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Industrial strength cybersecurity for industrial infrastructure

In today’s threat environment, adversaries focused on industrial control systems (ICS) are commonly known to penetrate industrial organizations via the enterprise IT network and then pivot into the production OT (operational technology) network. By understanding what adversaries are operating in the IT network, you get an early warning about potential threats against your production systems to reduce the risk of disrupted operations. This is accomplished by leveraging Dragos WorldView industrial threat intelligence against your endpoint data collected in your CrowdStrike Falcon® platform.

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    Expanded Visibility

    Intelligence driven insights from Dragos's Threat Intelligence team to improve detection of ICS-focused adversaries operating in Enterprise networks. Eliminate blindspots in protecting converged IT / OT networks protection.

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    Early Warning

    Dragos's extensive repository of industrial threat indicators enhance the native detection capabilities of CrowdStrike Falcon to detect OT threats. Catch ICS threat activity in IT environments for protection beyond the boundaries of your OT network.

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    Zero Implementation

    Deploy the Dragos app directly on existing CrowdStrike Falcon platforms using the CrowdStrike Store with no additional agent deployments on endpoints. Easy import Dragos's repository of over 25,000 industrial IOC's to broaden existing detection capabilities.

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    Reduced Workload

    Streamline your workflow when investigating industrial IOCs or suspicious events flagged by Dragos directly within the CrowdStrike Falcon user interface. Gain additional context of ICS threat activity via Dragos WorldView threat intelligence report (available to WorldView subscribers).

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