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Seraphic Security

Seraphic Security

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Get to know Seraphic

Seraphic is a secure enterprise browser protecting against web/browser-delivered threats. By integrating with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, you can link Seraphic policy rules to CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment scores for dynamic and robust policy controls. With Seraphic and CrowdStrike, you get enhanced security controls that adapt based on real-time device posture assessments, ensuring a more robust and responsive security posture in the browser.

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    Secure Zero Trust access

    By integrating Seraphic’s browser controls with CrowdStrike’s rich insights into device health, you can seamlessly restrict access to sensitive resources when a device is high risk for improved security posture

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    Restrict actions based on risk

    Control browser actions like copy or download based on the device’s Zero Trust Assessment score, to ensure data is not stored locally on insecure devices

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    Protect your device and user identities

    Apply strict protection policies within Seraphic based on user and device Falcon Zero Trust Assessment risk scores for adaptive security

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