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Sevco Security Asset Intelligence Platform

Sevco Security

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Ensure CrowdStrike is deployed across your environment

You have the right security tools to protect your environment, but coverage gaps occur when they’re not deployed to all of the assets they should be, leaving unprotected assets lurking in your environment. Sevco’s Asset Intelligence Platform fixes that by integrating with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, correlating CrowdStrike’s rich endpoint asset data with your other security tools to create a comprehensive inventory. Sevco automatically identifies assets that are not covered by your security tools, enabling you to remediate coverage gaps and ensure your organization is protected end-to-end.

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    Find and close security gaps

    Automatically identify assets where security tool coverage like the Falcon agent is missing, so your team can remediate and mitigate risk swiftly

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    Validate security control compliance

    Validate your Falcon deployment to simplify compliance reporting with Sevco’s comprehensive view of your IT environment

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    Expedite incident response

    Accelerate incident response investigations by seeing the state and status of your assets based on insights from the Falcon platform, including any change events across your tools

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    Rationalize license counts

    When organizational changes occur, Sevco identifies paid but unused licenses in your Falcon deployment to help optimize resources and budgets

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