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Empower security teams with CrowdStrike + Splunk

CrowdStrike and Splunk enhance security teams with concise insights for more efficient and accurate work. The Splunk and CrowdStrike integrations deliver rich visualizations and drill-downs for CrowdStrike data, and the ability to manage indicators of compromise (IOCs) for enhanced investigations.

  1. 01

    Correlate data

    Correlate CrowdStrike Falcon® detections to create notable events in Splunk Enterprise Security to identify trends and prioritize threats

  2. 02

    Get better visibility

    Quickly and easily combine CrowdStrike intelligence with all other machine data into Splunk for better visibility

  3. 03

    Stop attacks faster

    Integrate threat detections to enable security analyst to stop attacks faster

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    Insight to empower security teams

    Get the context and intelligence needed to empower security teams to work smarter, faster and with more accuracy

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