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The Cado Platform

Cado Security

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About the Cado Platform

Cado Security’s platform integrates with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to empower security teams to seamlessly perform forensics investigations across deployed systems, minimizing response times. Once malicious activity is detected by the Falcon platform, the Cado platform leverages CrowdStrike Real Time Response (RTR) capabilities to automatically collect and analyze forensic data from impacted systems, helping security teams quickly understand the root cause and impact of an incident.

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    Automated forensic investigations

    Get immediate insights and forensic-level detail across systems where malicious activity is detected by Falcon

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    Expanded threat hunting

    Combine real-time and historical data from Cado Security and CrowdStrike to augment incident investigations and threat hunting efforts

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    Broad coverage

    Seamlessly perform deep dive investigations using CrowdStrike RTR and understand risk across cloud, container, and on-premises environments

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