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Valence SaaS Security Platform

Valence Security

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Enable your business to securely adopt SaaS

Improve your understanding of a security incident’s blast radius to quickly mitigate risks by correlating Valence’s risk signals from core SaaS applications with CrowdStrike’s rich endpoint and user insights. Easily analyze a compromised user’s device, their SaaS privileges, and activities performed by the user before and after a potential breach to rapidly assess risk for effective response.

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    Expedite containment

    Quickly identify and contain critical threats by combining CrowdStrike device insights with Valence’s core SaaS application risk signals, including user access privileges, to accelerate security operations

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    Enrich threat investigations

    Improve investigations by easily understanding incidents end-to-end, from initial endpoint compromise to malicious activities in SaaS applications, such as changing configurations, massive downloads of data and other malicious activities

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    Automate remediation

    Swiftly remediate SaaS misconfigurations with automated workflows triggered when CrowdStike alerts to a compromise, including actions like termination of user data access and shares, and removal of integrations to other critical applications

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    Improve security posture

    Leverage the Valence platform to continuously analyze the CrowdStike Falcon platform, providing visibility into potential misconfigurations such as unenforced SSO, weak authentication without MFA, over-privileged users, unauthorized third-party integrations, and more

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