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AWS Control Tower

Amazon Web Services

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Falcon Cloud Security automatically protects new AWS accounts

AWS Control Tower simplifies multi-account AWS setup and governance, while CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security ingests AWS service API requests to detect behavioral Indicators of Attack (IoAs) while scanning AWS services for Indicators of Misconfiguration (IoMs).

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    Align with security best-practices

    With the breadth and depth of AWS services, it can take time to learn how to secure each new service. CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security Posture Management detects misconfigurations and provides guidance to get your team up to speed quickly.

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    Ensure compliance with automated AWS account provisioning

    Streamline the setup of AWS accounts by automatically registering each new account and region with Falcon Cloud Security.

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    Increase agility without compromising security

    Govern new and existing account configurations, gain visibility into compliance status, and enforce controls at scale.

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