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Claroty xDome Data for Falcon Discover for IoT


About the Claroty xDome for Falcon Discover for IoT

The Claroty xDome integration enhances CrowdStrike Falcon® Discover for IoT, giving you a clear view of a wide range of assets in industrial and healthcare environments. By adding data from Claroty xDome to the Falcon platform, you can easily get more asset context to minimize blind spots and simplify XIoT asset management.

  1. 01

    Get unmatched visibility

    Combine robust threat intelligence from xDome and Medigate with Falcon Discover for IoT and CrowdStrike® Asset Graph™ to speed up threat investigation and response

  2. 02

    Identify unprotected and unmanaged devices

    Quickly locate unmanaged IoT, OT, IoMT, and IT assets to reduce risks in your environments

  3. 03

    Improve security with additional context

    Get better control of your network traffic with improved visibility of device and segment – all within a single interface

  4. 04

    Get better value from your existing investments

    Easily deploy and integrate functionality across CrowdStrike and Claroty’s cloud native platforms

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