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Nagomi Proactive Defense Platform

Nagomi Security

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About Nagomi Security

Nagomi Security analyzes threats, risks and defenses holistically, enhancing security tool effectiveness, including the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, and reducing threat exposure. By integrating with CrowdStrike, Nagomi helps you understand the broader context of your security program, such as available capabilities, appropriate coverage, and whether your controls are running effectively. With Nagomi and CrowdStrike, you can maximize the effectiveness of your Falcon deployment to minimize threat exposure across your business.

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    Proactive risk management

    By continuously analyzing threats and corresponding defenses, including the Falcon platform, you can identify coverage gaps and remediation opportunities to prevent exploitation

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    Actionable defense plans

    Change configuration settings and implement new or unused security features to maximize protection against threats using your existing Falcon deployment

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    Improve ROI

    Do more with your resources, get more from your security stack and let your team work on what matters most by optimizing performance and coverage from your existing security tools

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    Communicate progress

    Share the current state of risk in the organization and effectiveness of your Falcon deployment with peers and leadership using evidence-based data that considers business limitations and constraints - with a clear action plan on improvements

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