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Opus Security

Opus Security

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Start remediating with Opus Security

Opus Security integrates its robust vulnerability management and remediation platform with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s rich vulnerability insights to enhance real-time risk detection, automate vulnerability prioritization, and streamline remediation workflows. With CrowdStrike telemetry correlated within Opus, you get comprehensive visibility and accelerated remediation capabilities, ensuring a proactive defense against evolving risks while fostering collaboration across security, IT and engineering teams.

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    Unified security posture management

    By integrating CrowdStrike’s in-depth vulnerability data within Opus, alongside any other cloud security, application security or vulnerability management tools, you gain a consolidated, de-duplicated and prioritized view of your security posture to harden your defenses

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    Streamlined remediation processes

    Automate the bridge between identifying risks in CrowdStrike and resolving them with Opus, facilitating seamless, efficient remediation workflows and reducing the time to remediate vulnerabilities significantly

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    Collaborative security efforts

    Enhance collaboration between security, IT and engineering teams with a seamless integration between CrowdStrike and Opus, ensuring cohesive efforts in addressing and mitigating vulnerabilities to strengthen the overall security culture within organizations

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