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Reveald Epiphany Intelligence Platform


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About Epiphany Intelligence Platform

The Reveald Epiphany Intelligence Platform is a cybersecurity exposure management system that helps you identify and understand the risks that can cause a material impact. Epiphany combines rich exposure and vulnerability insights from the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform and additional 3rd party sources with sophisticated AI attack path mapping to hunt for and prioritize the biggest exposures, helping you stay ahead of threats.

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    Uncover high risk attack paths

    Epiphany leverages AI processes that continuously analyze CrowdStrike and 3rd party data, uncovering high-risk paths that could connect an initial exposure to a damaging breach

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    Get prioritized remediation guidance

    Enrich CrowdStrike exposure data with additional intelligence–such as exploitability and an attacker’s objective– and receive immediate guidance on important remediation steps that reduce material risk

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    Detect rogue systems

    Leverage data from the Falcon platform, Active Directory, and other repositories to identify systems that might otherwise fall through the cracks

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    Receive expert guidance at every step

    Reveald’s optional managed service delivery ensures you get off to a fast start and begin seeing continuous improvement in your security posture in days

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