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Torq Hyperautomation


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Get to know Torq

With Torq and CrowdStrike, you can automate response actions across your environment for accelerated operations and streamlined processes. Easily build a variety of automation workflows within Torq to be executed by the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to meet your unique use cases, such as executing a script or downloading files, pulling agent information on a host, running a file through CrowdStrike Falcon® Sandbox or finding devices vulnerable to a specific CVE using CrowdStrike Falcon® Exposure Management. 

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    Integrate and automate instantly

    Integrate Torq with the Falcon platform and other tools across your entire ecosystem, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments to break down silos and accelerate operations

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    Minimize alert fatigue

    Analyze, correlate, and organize unprocessed events from any security solution or third-party threat intelligence

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    Build and deploy security automations in minutes

    Build automations using AI-prompts, no-code, low-code and full code support

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